Logistic services

Logistics solutions

The basic platform is merging of markets and finance information, innovations and specific requirement of your industry.
This basis allows us to help you with optimization of your business efficiency – not only by increasing the profit, but by reducing the potential cost articles as well.

Our comprehensive analysis of your supply chain and competent management will integrate required transport mode whether it is land or air, sea or even a combination of several types, and to present maximum benefits to you.
Every new project is always a new effective solution that we will transform to your advantage.

Inventory management and warehousing

We never stop improving ourselves and watching for the tendencies, we constantly develop our solutions and integrate original products which will help you to Optimize inventory stock, to reduce and improve the inventory turnover on your manufacture and warehouses. We offer all range of services starting with easy pack and repair or expertise by survey company, and provide speed customs clearance and insurance.

Our product is our attitude to you and to our work, our solutions result in your competitiveness and stability. All solutions have one purpose – to support you with the service and make you feel ready for any changes of the market.